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About Us

Harber Technologies is a custom manufacturing business focused on fabricating parts, components and assemblies for a number of manufacturers throughout Canada. Our services include precision sheet metal cutting, forming, welding, and assembly. This “service manufacturing” division of the business has served a long list of customers that rely on our advanced equipment, extensive expertise, design capabilities, competitive pricing, and quick turnaround times.


The roots of Harber Technologies, (formerly Harber Manufacturing), date back to 1946 when Blair Fowler Harber created his own designs for folding aluminum furniture.   Blair F. received both Canadian and US patents for the folding aluminum chairs and went into business producing a wide range of high quality lawn furniture, under the name “Harber-Lite”, which , in the 1950’s received several National Design Awards presented by C.D. Howe.

In the late 1950’s the company utilized the knowledge of aluminum manufacturing to begin building “Feathercraft” aluminum boats for Fleet Aircraft. They eventually diversified into the company’s own line of “HarberCraft” boats which were sold throughout Canada as the exclusive provider under the Sears label.  Aluminum boat production remained a significant part of the company’s operations until 1987. Between 1956 and 1994, the company produced over 110,000 aluminum boats, many of which are still in use today.

Company Evolution

For over sixty-five years, Harber Technologies has revolutionized in several aspects that have allowed this family company to expand to an international market. Material fabrications expanded from aluminum, to steel, and then stainless steel. Machinery, which only permitted basic forming, has been upgraded to sophisticated 3D graphical CAD systems and services, fully automated production laser cutting, CNC turret punching, highly advanced multi-axis press brakes, and numerous other fabricating processes that allow for competitive marketing. This evolution has enabled Harber to remain a growing company with a strong future, providing steady employment, and maintaining a “Made in Canada” presence that has spanned three generations of the Harber family.